Who and what is Panzer Concepts. Panzer Concepts was founded in 1989 ,When I decided to revive the Panzer Concepts name and company in 2013, I decided to do things a little different, create kits and conversions of more off the wall items that are not part of the main stream line of thinking and/or production techniques.  Most of my kits are designed in CAD then either 3D printed, Laser Cut or CnC Machined in house. (and Yes I do scratch build by hand for personal projects.)
So bear in mind when I am designing a kit I am doing it in the Mindset of using advance building techniques and skills required.. These Kits are not "shake and bake" conversions and may require the builder to modify the base/sacrifice kit and must have experience working with Printed, cast resin and other various material which is much different to work with vs plastic.
         So please before you purchase any of my kits take a look at the Instruction and/or parts Diagrams to make sure this is what you are looking for as many kits will still require you to supply your own plastic rod, wire and/or strips to complete the model.

Hence the Tag Line "Scratch Building made Simple"


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