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German 37mm Auto Cannon

    This kit 100% 3D Printed Resin and consists of 2 versions with multiple options.
Kit 35800 is the Cruciform Type Frame
Kit 35810 is the Towed Version based off the old towed canon frame.

    Both kits include the option to have the Square type ammo box or the round spool type ammo feed. 2 barrel options for supported or non supported ammo frame, Limber and removable Ammo cans and tool drawer.

Cruciform base includes the option to be modeled deployed or in the towed position and includes the ground mounting spikes.

If you want to show it being horse drawn I recommend using the ICM kit 35482 Soviet Arty Transport as they seem to have the best options for horse team. (Obviously not the figures unless you want to make the Russian towed version but not quite sure what the differences were between the German and Russian version of this Maxim based design. This Gun was used by many different countries and they all had their own take on various options.

Please not that this kit is all printed resin so it is a little different then cast resin to work with. Resin is a little harder and more fragile so care must be used in removing the supports.( Personally I have had the best results using the Tamiya Flush Cutters don’t just rip off the supports like many people say as you will inevitably break the part

 If any parts are warped they can be straightened with very hot water (Almost boiling ) I actually boil the water then let it cool a few seconds and this will make the resin pliable enough to straighten out.

Before ordering PLEASE Download the instructions and look them over.

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