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Pleased to Announce the latest kit to our line.. This is a combination of cast resin, Brass Barrel Liner, laser cut acrylic
There are 2 sets of Pictures so scroll down..
First carousel are renderings and period photos
Second is of the actual model parts and assemblies.. I will update that as I build my kit up more

We offer 3 Versions
     #1 is the WW1 Version that includes the Jacks and Rotary Base and Rails (Fixed base available separately if wanted)
     #2 is the WW2 Version. Is basically the same as the WW1 version but no jacks or Turntable Assemblies. These were removed by Belgium before WW2.
     #3 is the Fixed / Coastal Version. WW1 Version without trucks and includes Laser cut wood base, Resin rotary assemblies and circle track.