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Please to announce our Latest 1/35 Scale Model  The 42cm Gamma Gerat
This kit is Cast Resin and many 3d Printed parts. We are happy that now with the drop in price of 3D printers and more stable resins we can now do most kits as print on demand which allows us a faster turn around and lower price and every kit much more consistent. Every part is the same as a master pattern that I would use to make the mold from. Large Parts will still be cast just do to the amount of material used and/or time savings. (large parts can literally take days to print)
Hope you will enjoy the new kits and many more to come.

There were 10 Gammas built before and during WW1 and one was rebuilt and used in WW2. The one WW2 version was used During the Campaign in the west, Poland and again at Sevastopol. It is unknown what happened to it after it was retired.. Probably made into a Yugo or frying pan.

The Heavy Crane was used to assemble the Gamma and used in Rail Yards for rail car loading.. Very little information is available for this crane so we do not know its designation but we figure it is in the 35 Metric Ton range

Heavy Crane Add-on or Stand alone kit